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What do customers think of Stack?

Voor mij heeft deze cursus de basis in Lean en de bijbehorende theorieën bijgebracht door enthousiaste trainers.

Goede basis in Lean
Josephine Koops, Consulente

Samen met mijn collega de Green Belt training in Enschede gevolgd. Een prettige combinatie tussen de theorie en de praktijk waar wij als consulenten verder mee kunnen.

Prettige combinatie tussen theorie en praktijk
Esther Koops, Consulente

De Green Belt training gaf mij een helder inzicht in wat Lean is en het is voor mij de basis om stappen te maken in continu verbeteren.

Fijne opleiding met een leuke trainer
Rens Uitewoude, HR Manager

We’ve used their WP themes before and have always been hugely satisfied – Stack is no exception

Josephine L.
California, US

Frequently Asked Questions

How do refunds work?

Open a refund request with us and we can work with you to resolve it ASAP.

Can I pay using AMEX?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards, including AMEX, so rack up those points!

Is there a bulk-buy discount?

We have corporate and enterprise arrangements that our pricing team can assist with on a case-by-case basis. Contact Us for info.

Is there a minimum contract term?

No! The beauty of our service is that you can cancel anytime you need to — no questions asked.

Do I need an SSL certificate?

This depends on whether your plan to process the payment on your site or not. We recommend using a third-party provider to unburden yourself.

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